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Tip# 25: What Is Tempeh?

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: Tempeh is not a city in Arizona. SOME FACTS: Tempeh, a soy-based product, is another good substitute for meat. It is made from soybeans which are packed into flat patties and then lightly fermented so that the beany flavor of soybeans is eliminated and its gassiness is reduced. Tempeh can be used like gluten in a number of different dishes, such as in stews, side dishes, and for sandwich fillings.
Tempeh can be found in your local health food store in the refrigerator or freezer section. For a 3-ounce portion, it is 169 calories and 6.5 grams of fat compared to 260 calories and 19.2 grams of fat in a 3-ounce hamburger patty.

• Try tempeh in a sandwich.
• Try the following recipes for delicious entrées.
Tempeh Cutlet
1 piece Tempeh, ¼" to ½" thick piece
1 Tbsp. Low-sodium tamari
1 tsp. Ginger juice
2 Tbsp. Water
1½ tsp. Honey
1 clove Garlic

Place tempeh in a bakeware dish that has a cover, marinate in the tamari mixed with ginger juice, water, honey, and garlic.
Bake at 350o F. for about 25 minutes. Makes 1 portion (1 portion = 279.7 calories, 8.8 grams fat, 31% protein, 43% carbohydrates, 26% fat)
∇Can be served as a simple bean dish with rice or potatoes or can be delicious if used in a sandwich. ∇
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