Tip #42- A Piece of Fruit A Day

(Try Stovetop Malted Pears)
Have a piece of raw fruit, such as an orange, apple, blueberries or other treat, either as a snack or for breakfast. It’s portable, so very convenient as a snack or a breakfast on the go.

Use fruits as a dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth, but don't eat too much fruit. Two to four servings is fine for most people.

Fruit – easy access and easier preparation.

Yet, research shows that, even though people who eat fruit regularly have reduced rates of all cancers, heart disease, and other illnesses, half of all Americans don’t eat fruit at all. Moderation is the key here.

Here's one great tip that you can have today:

Stovetop Malted Pears

Barley malt gives this dish a sweet yet nutty flavor. You may also dust the pears with spices of your choice. Cinnamon and nutmeg especially lend themselves to fruit-based recipes, but you may prefer to experiment with other flavorings.

Be careful, though, until you understand the varieties of taste and how they blend together. Recipes may be as sensitive as chemical formulations, and one false move can spoil the entire dish.

1 can Pear halves (8 oz.), unsweetened and drained, juice reserved
2 Tbsp. Barley Malt sweetener Spices of your choice, ground fine (e.g., cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves)

Open a can of sugar-free pear halves, drain, and move to a dish. Then brush them with microwave-heated barley malt (available at your favorite health food store or specialty food store).
Preheat skillet. Put a touch of the pear juice in the skillet (just enough to keep the malted pears from sticking). Add pears and heat. Serve warm.
Makes 2 portions. (1 portion = 81 calories, 0 gram fat, 1% protein, 99% carbohydrates, 0% fat)


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