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Tip# 28 Savory Beans

Beans are delicious, hearty and filling.
They are excellent weight loss dishes when prepared properly. Moderate to high on the EMI, they are an excellent source of protein. They also make delicious dips and spreads that are very low in fat (as long as you don't add any fats).read more..

Tip# 27 Quick Greens

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: One of the most convenient ways to add greens to your menus is to use sea vegetables (seaweed). SOME FACTS: Most sea vegetables (seaweed) are much like dark, leafy greens in that they are quite high in calcium (see table on page 262) and other nutrients and have practically no fat. Most people, however, don't know how to use them. read more..

Tip# 26 - Try Delicious Bread Spreads

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: People add 8 grams of fat to their toast when they use two pats of butter. SOME FACTS: One pat of butter contains about 4 grams of fat which comprises 100% of its 36 calories. A quick and delicious way to avoid using this much fat in a snack or a meal is to use simple spreads on your breads, muffins, toast, or other forms of baked grains. They are convenient, easy to make, and widely available in the more..

Tip# 25: What Is Tempeh?

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: Tempeh is not a city in Arizona. SOME FACTS: Tempeh, a soy-based product, is another good substitute for meat. It is made from soybeans which are packed into flat patties and then lightly fermented so that the beany flavor of soybeans is eliminated and its gassiness is reduced. Tempeh can be used like gluten in .read more...

Tip# 24 Elipidate Your Stew

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: Beef stew can be up to 12 grams of fat per cup or 49% fat (by calories). (Armour® Star brand) SOME FACTS: Beef stews (with vegetables) are high in fat because beef is in general high in fat. An average cut of beef is 65% to 75% fat (by calories) and in the stewing process, much of the fat melts and permeates the sauce and vegetables with fat. read more...

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