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Tip# 24 Elipidate Your Stew

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: Beef stew can be up to 12 grams of fat per cup or 49% fat (by calories). (Armour® Star brand) SOME FACTS: Beef stews (with vegetables) are high in fat because beef is in general high in fat. An average cut of beef is 65% to 75% fat (by calories) and in the stewing process, much of the fat melts and permeates the sauce and vegetables with fat. read more...

Tip# 23 Whole Grain Breads

When was the last time you smelled the aroma of fresh baked bread? Can you imagine the sense of pride you would feel if you pulled a specially made loaf, just the right shade of golden brown, out of your own oven?Bread making by hand is easier than ever before, with newly processed forms of yeast and the availability of a better quality of whole grain flours. Whole wheat flour is especially easy to bake more...

Tip# 22 Make Creamy Soup Without Cream

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: Cream of mushroom soup has 13 grams of fat per cup which makes up 59% of its calories. Cream of chicken soup can be as high a 194 calories and 13.6 grams of fat per cup and 63% fat from calories. (Chicken noodle soup is 66 calories and 2.2 grams per cup.) SOME FACTS: Cream soups are deceptively high in fat content. The problem comes with the cream in the soup base. .read more..

Tip# 21- Frozen Dessert?

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: A cup of a typical ice cream has 14 grams of fat and a premium ice cream has 23 grams of fat.
SOME FACTS: Desserts can be festive and healthy if you use just a little bit of imagination. One of the best desserts I ever tasted was frozen bananas run through a Champion® juicer. This produces a consistency very much like soft-serve ice cream. If you add just a hint of vanilla you'll actually get a very tasty ice creamy product, though it's really not necessary.  read more...

Tip# 20 A High Calcium Beverage for Your "Coffee" Break

It surprised me when I first learned that blackstrap molasses is actually high in calcium. The molasses is a byproduct of sugar production, filtered out after sugar cane is cooked. A lot of the mineral residues from the sugar cane plant, such as calcium and iron, become concentrated in blackstrap molasses  read more...

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