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Tip# 33 Zip It! 5-minute Meal!

• A burrito can be as high as 22 grams of fat and 540 calories (Taco Bell® Burrito Supreme).
• You can make a delicious low-fat burrito in as little as 5 minutes.
SOME FACTS: Burritos can be an excellent low- fat way to eat beans. Unlike tacos, they have the advantage read more...

Tip# 32 Osteoporosis Is NOT a One-Nutrient Disease

First of all, the main reason dairy is recommended by USDA is because of its calcium content, and the main reason calcium is recommended is to prevent osteoporosis. The fallacy in this approach is that osteoporosis is not a single nutrient disease. There are many factors that affect osteoporosis, read more

Tip# 31 A Lazy Way to Bake Bread

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: There is a way to make bread without having to knead it. (We all need bread, but we don't have to knead it.) SOME FACTS: Making your own bread can be very easy, if you purchase a new invention, the bread machine. These machines cost between $125 and $300, but they're well worth the price. They make delicious whole-grain breads with little effort on your more..

Tip# 30 What Are Hijiki and Arame?

Hijiki is a delicious string-like or thread-like sea vegetable that is very high in calcium and iron (as are all sea vegetables). It is virtually interchangeable with arame (described next) although it takes longer to cook hijiki.It has a strong ocean aroma that disappears after it is cooked off, so don't let the initial fragrance prevent you from using it. It is delicious with other vegetables. read more..

Tip# 29 Sweets that cause Weight Loss

The Inverted Food Pyramid suggests you eat two to four servings of whole fruit each day. Most fruits are high on the EMI. They also contain a wealth of vitamins such as beta- carotene and vitamin C.But there are different rules for fruits than for vegetables. Both are about the same on the EMI, but fruit has a very high sugar content. Fructose, read more..

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