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Tip# 20 A High Calcium Beverage for Your "Coffee" Break

It surprised me when I first learned that blackstrap molasses is actually high in calcium. The molasses is a byproduct of sugar production, filtered out after sugar cane is cooked. A lot of the mineral residues from the sugar cane plant, such as calcium and iron, become concentrated in blackstrap molasses  read more...

Tip# 19 Sauté Without Oil

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: A one-cup serving of vegetables sautéed in oil can be as high as 8.4 grams of fat per cup or 42% fat by calories. SOME FACTS: Usually, people sauté their vegetables in oil. (This is also called frying.) Unfortunately, sautéing with oil causes the fat to seep into the vegetables, and your High EMI dish slides all the way down to the low end of the EMI scale. Frying in oil is never more..

Tip# 18 A No-Effort Way to Make Whole Grain Interesting

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: There's a simple way to make whole grains more interesting with no additional effort. THE TRICK IS: Simply add different grains to your rice or other whole grains. For starters, just try wheat berries or wild rice, and toss a handful into your brown rice before cooking. read more..

Tip# 17 Try One-Dish Meals

One of the best ways to make a brown rice dish more interesting is to simply add some fast-cooking beans. This is a delicious strategy for creating "one-dish meals." For example, you can add lentils to brown rice and stir in a little spice, perhaps some chopped onions, and you will have a delicious lentil-rice as a main complex carbohydrate for your more


Tip# 16 Kebobs Taste Better Without Meat

If you don't believe me, try taking a piece of meat and chew it about 100 times. You will for the first time learn the true taste of meat. It tastes like cardboard or worse. Kebobs taste good because of the sauce. So you don't need the meat. The trick is to get the right sauce. In my original Eat More, Weigh Less™ Diet book, you can find four delicious marinades for kebobs. One was so good that one of my patients took vegetable kebobs to a party, read more..

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