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Tip #38 - The Lowest-Fat Soup

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: While chicken broth is 1.35 grams of fat per cup, vegetarian broth is only 0.19 grams per cup. SOME FACTS: For most people, soup means using beef, chicken, or fish broth as a base. While this is much better than a cream base soup, you can do even better with a vegetarian broth. You can then add some "zing" by using onions or garlic or pepper, or your favorite herbs and spices. read more...

Tip #37 A's Baked Apples

Most fruits are high on the SMI scale and as a result, will not contribute to weight gain. They also contain a wealth of vitamins and phytonutrients such as beta- carotene and vitamin C. But fruit has relatively high sugar content. Fructose, the natural sugar in fruit, can be absorbed very quickly.It's not as bad as white sugar, but it's still not good for you in large amounts. As with processed sugars, it tends to cause a rise in triglycerides (storage fats). read more

Tip #36 Zip Burritos

WOULD YOU BELIEVE: • A burrito can be as high as 22 grams of fat and 540 calories (Taco Bell® Burrito Supreme). • You can make a delicious low-fat burrito in as little as 5 minutes. SOME FACTS: Burritos can be an excellent low- fat way to eat beans. Unlike tacos, they have the advantage of having a "shell," a flour tortilla that is not fried. You still need to be careful of what kind of flour tortilla you use, however. read more..

Tip# 35 Zing Kebobs

Kebobs taste better without meat.
SOME FACTS: If you don't believe me, try taking a piece of meat and chew it about 100 times. You will for the first time learn the true taste of meat. It tastes like cardboard or worse. Kebobs taste good because of the sauce. So you don't need the meat. The trick is to get the right more

Tip# 34 Smart Snacking

All your life you've probably had people telling you that you shouldn't snack between meals, that it's bad for you, that it will cause you to gain weight. They're wrong. It's not snacking that's bad for you, but rather the foods that are usually eaten as snacks that are the problem. Most of them are high in fat and low on the EMI scale.  read more..

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